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23rd Jan 2018

Irish Renters To Have A LOT More Rights Thanks To New Bill Introduced Today


Under a new Bill that was published today, landlords will have to give private tenants at least three months’ notice of termination.

As well as this, they must tell the new tenant exactly how much the previous rent was, according to The Journal.

The Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Bill was introduced by Social Democrats co-leader Roisín Shortall.

The Bill will ensure that landlords give tenants a minimum of three months to find new accommodation.

The notice period would extend to four months for tenants who lived on the premises for a year. It would climb to four and a half months after five years, five and a half months after six and over six months after seven.

Speaking at Leinster House today, Roisin Shortall said: “The purpose of the Bill is to provide more security to tenants.”

“We all know we’re in the midst of a serious housing crisis.”

“Landlords only have to give tenants a very short notice period and we’re suggesting this be extended to give a more reasonable period.”

“This was brought to our attention by charities in the area who are dealing with families being made homeless by short notices.”

The Bill will also allow new tenants to access details of the cost of the rent for the previous resident of the property.

According to Shorthall, this will ensure that the maximum rent increases charged in designated Rent Pressure Zones is applied correctly.

The Bill has been supported by Focus Ireland, Threshold and the Simon Communities.

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