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24th May 2023

Ospreys to be reintroduced to Irish skies this summer

Katy Thornton

ospreys irish skies

The fish-eating bird went extinct in Ireland 150 years ago.

Ospreys are set to make a comeback to Ireland this summer, as a National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) project to reintroduce them is currently underway.

RTÉ News reports that 12 osprey chicks are set to arrive from Norway to kick off the project.

According to RTÉ News,

“It is part of a reintroduction programme which will see between 50 and 70 chicks brought to Ireland over a five-year period.”

While native ospreys haven’t existed in Ireland since the 19th century, migratory ospreys do still visit. One was spotted at Osprey Rock at Loch Léinn at Killarney National Park earlier this month.

Native ospreys went extinct from Irish skies largely because they were hunted by humans.

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