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04th Jul 2017

People Complained That Met Eireann Broadcasters Were ‘Showing Too Much Underwear’


Some people clearly have too much time on their hands these days, as a total of 149 complaints from the public have been received by Met Eireann since January 2016.

The Irish Sun reports that the weather broadcasting station has been hit with some pretty random complaints, including one which complained about a broadcaster’s underwear being too visible.

This eagle-eyed viewer raged:  “This is not freedom of expression or feminism, this is just a lack of human standards.”

Other complaints included a bias to Dublin, and general weather inaccuracy.

One hiker wrote that they must have gotten their days mixed up as the weather forecast was so wrong, while other people have accused Met Eireann of ruining family outings.

The information was released under the Freedom of Information Act to the Irish Daily Mail.

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