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11th Oct 2018

PIC: A School Principal Refused To Open A Letter Because Of One Big Mistake

James Fenton

Of all the 32 counties of Ireland, the one thing that sets Derry apart (aside being chosen by Lovin readers as having the sexiest accent) is that its name is still debated to this day.

The city remains divided on either side of the Derry/Londonderry debate, with some people evidently not willing to put up with others going against their point of view.

Take this school principal for example. When a letter dropped into the door of St. Brigid’s College on Glengalliagh Road, it was swiftly sent back out again, unopened, along with a sticker which reads ‘Return to sender, with thanks. Sender to amend address as follows’ before the the word ‘Londonderry’ was replaced with ‘Derry’ in the address.

The image was posted by Twitter user Marty Nixon and you’d to admire the principal’s steadfast approach to reading the post. We’re sure the letter will be read once the address is amended. Lesson learned if you’re ever sending anything to St. Brigid’s College.

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