PIC: Galway Students Prove Yet Again They're The Biggest Sesh Heads Of All

Let the Donegal Tuesday madness begin...

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The legendary Donegal Tuesday is underway in Galway today as part of RAG week and the madness is well and truly underway...

You wouldn't catch half these students up this early for their lectures (*raises hand guiltily) but Jaysus, throw on a few GAA jerseys and the promise of an all day sesh and look what you get.

These are the queues to get into the Hole in the Wall right now...

Image Uploaded From I Os

Image: Kevin McKittrick 

Temperatures in Galway were at 0 degrees this morning. These students have nerves of steel. 

We can only hope they indulge in some pancake soakage at some stage during the day. Godspeed, young Galway troopers. 

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