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11th Oct 2018

PIC: This Irish Sign Post Is Causing Serious Confusion Among Motorists

Darragh Berry

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘that’s a little bit too Irish’ but in this case, it’s the perfect saying for the situation.

The Connacht Telegraph has said that motorists are getting so confused by this sign post that they are heading almost a half an hour in the wrong direction because of it.

The new Gort to Tuam motorway opened up at the end of 2017 and the town of Claregalway is signpost in Irish because it’s part of the Gaeltacht.

For anyone that knows the heartbreak that is the Claregalway road, before the motorway, a journey that should take about 30 minutes between Gort and Tuam could end up taking as long as two hours in heavy traffic.

And in Claregalway, there always seems to be heavy traffic.

So, it was a heaven sent.

But, you see the Irish for Claregalway is Baile Chláir which in fairness looks very similar to another local town in Galway called Belclare.

Belclare is about 7km outside of Tuam and means you’re heading in the opposite direction to Claregalway.

Belclare Main

This has been an ongoing battle as back in February but the inclusion of the english version on the signposts would mean that it would be out of place compared to another Gaeltacht in Galway ‘An Spideal’ which is just signposted with the Irish version.

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