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11th Apr 2018

Ulster Rugby Fans Have Taken Out A Full Page Ad Calling For Jackson And Olding To Be Reinstated

James Fenton

Rugby fans have taken out a full page ad in today’s Belfast Telegraph calling for Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding to be reinstated to the Ireland and Ulster teams. 

The two men were last month acquitted on charges of rape and sexual assault but the content of ‘reprehensible’ Whatsapp messages led to a similar ad appearing in the same publication last week which called on the IRFU and Ulster Rugby not to allow either man to represent the organisations again. 

In today’s edition of the Belfast Telegraph, Ulster fans have argued that:

‘What is reprehensible is the extent of the social media backlash aimed at incriminating men unanimously acquitted of any crime. We are fed up with this cyber persecution.

‘As Ulster and Irish rugby fans, we want these innocent men reinstate and rightly allowed to resume their roles for both club and country. The IRFU should take note of the silent majority and not bow to the court of social media.

‘We do not expect an answer to this letter, but we do expect them to play.’

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(pic: Belfast Telegraph)

The ad was funded by over 100 supporters. 

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