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10th Mar 2018

This Exotic Plant Is Apparently The Solution To Stopping Your Partner Snoring


If your significant other-half is a bugger for snoring and you’re losing sleep over it, apparently keeping a pineapple plant by your bed can help you get a good night sleep – one that’s completely snore free.

While many of us snore in our sleep (we don’t mean to!), it can be pretty annoying for those have to put up with the loud weird noises coming from our noses throughout the night.

According to research by NASA, a pineapple plant helps to ‘produce more oxygen and improve air quality’ throughout the night, and so leads to a better and much quieter night’s sleep.

If you’re looking to get your hands on one, UK store ASDA has started to stock them in the lead up to Christmas to help you get a good night’s sleep.

The plant on sale is grown in Holland and takes anywhere from 21 months up to two years to fully grow and create the little pineapple which sits on top.

Look at how cute it is:

It’s on sale for £12, so could be a decent snore-stopper for less than 15 quid!



The pineapple plant is going to be on sale in both the Belfast Westwood and Antrim ASDA stores, so perhaps a little day trip up to Northern Ireland is in order.

It might be worthwhile adding it to your beside table if it stops the snoring!

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