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13th Jul 2018

Rain And Colder Temperatures Predicted As Hurricane Chris Travels Across Atlantic


It was great while it lasted.

The weather is set to get gradually worse this weekend and next week as the great heatwave of 2018 comes to an end.

Met Éireann says that “a weak weather front will bring rain to many parts of the country in the coming week.”

Thankfully, the showers will remain small and patchy.

However, temperatures will take a slight dip with highs of just 16° forecast for next Tuesday.


It isn’t all bad news as we can still expect “some hazy sunshine tomorrow in the Midlands and the east coast.” There will be outbreaks of rain in Atlantic coastal counties which will move further inland in the early afternoon and evening. Top temperatures of 22° to 26° degrees except for Atlantic coastal areas where it will be somewhat fresher with temperatures from 17° to 20°.

Tomorrow night will be very humid and muggy, with persistent showers in Atlantic parts with patches of mist and fog elsewhere. Lowest temperatures of 13° to 16° so, don’t put away your fans just yet.

Sunday will be cloudier with mists persisting in some parts. We can expect some hazy sunshine to break through mainly in eastern areas. Outbreaks of rain in the west will spread eastward throughout the day. Eastern areas will get the best of the temperatures again with highs of up to 23°

Sunday night will be mild and misty, but the rain will be confined to eastern areas after midnight. Slightly lower temperatures of 10° to 14°.

Next week, the showers and cloudy conditions will continue, but some sunshine should break through the cloud now and again. Top temperatures of 19° to 20° which are more typical for this time of year.

Despite the rain forecast it is not enough to alleviate current drought conditions, so water restrictions are likely to remain in place.

RIP Costa Del Ireland.

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