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12th Jul 2018

These Four Counties Will Have No Water At Certain Times Next Week


Water restrictions will be put in place in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath from Monday next week.

A series of night-time cut-offs will be announced tomorrow by Irish Water.

These measures are needed to conserve water and will help water sources return to previous levels.

The entire country is still subject to a hosepipe ban which was introduced over a week ago.

According to, Irish Water said the decision to impose further restrictions on 800 water supply zones indicated the extent of the shortage.

“They’ve (engineers) been monitoring the ongoing situation. It’s because of the trend and the fact that the weather is not changing, the rain is not coming. Something else has to be done,” a source said.

The latest figures show that demand for water across the Greater Dublin Area which includes Kildare, Wicklow and parts of Meath is now at 586 million litres.

The system can cope with a demand of 610 million, but it is higher than normal for this time of year.

Irish Water has already warned that issues with supply in September and October were becoming more of a reality because of the high demand on water sources now.

It’s unclear how exactly the restrictions will be carried out, but it will more than likely be between 12 pm and 5 am.

This is gonna be absolutely no craic…

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