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20th Jun 2018

“I Probably Should Have Ripped His Head Off” – Keane’s Studio Rant Is TV Gold

Darragh Berry

To be honest, if you’re not watching the coverage on RTÉ, there’s one reason: because you want to see a Roy Keane outburst.

And sure enough, he was having a pop at one of his former United colleagues during the pre-match coverage of Spain vs Iran.

Carlos Quieroz, current Iran manager, was once the number two at Manchester United, assistant to Sir Alex.

He was there for two different spells, once in 2002-03 before heading for Madrid and then from 2004-08.

Keane was with United until 2005 and had a couple of years under the Portuguese man but the former Nottingham Forest and Celtic midfielder doesn’t have fond memories of working with him…

“I always felt I had a decent relationship [with Carlos], particularly his first spell at the club,” Keane starts.

“His second spell when he came back for some reason towards the end of my time there I found him really disrespectful towards me, so we had a bit of a fallout.

“He questioned my loyalty and I told him where to go. It’s one of my big regrets really, I probably should have ripped his head off.

“But excellent coach, and he’s doing an excellent job it has to be said.”

Rule number one: Never question Keane’s loyalty.

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