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08th Sep 2018

Ryanair Pilots Threaten ‘Biggest Strike Action The Company Has Ever Seen’

James Fenton

Ryanair passengers may face more travel chaos after a statement released yesterday threatened ‘the biggest strike action the company has ever seen.’

Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Belgian and Portuguese representatives of pilots, cabin crew and ground handling workers held a meeting in Rome after which they said that no real progress has been made on their demands since a number of strikes took place over the summer.

The statement reads:

‘On September 20, the shareholders will have the opportunity to place Ryanair on the right track and ensure a long and sustainable model more suitable to the Europe of the 21st century by capturing the right talents to bring Ryanair to the level that we all want to see it.

‘If the company leadership is not willing to make the changes necessary, (the workers) will have no choice but to respond with the biggest strike action the company has ever seen.’

The strike could potentially take place in the last weekend of September.

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