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14th Jun 2017

Say Goodbye To Fake Tan – New Drug Developed That Instantly Gives You A REAL Glow


Are you a slave to fake tan? Sure lookit, aren’t we all, which is why some pretty exciting news has just been announced about a new drug that actually makes your skin tan instantly.

The Irish Independent reports that a group of scientists at the Massachusetts General Hospital developed a drug that not only tans skin, it also dramatically reduces the risk of skin cancer.

 The drug darkens skin by creating extra dark pigment, melanin, which also causes UV rays on the skin to dissolve, limiting radiation damage in cells that leads to cancerous cells.

 Skin doesn’t even have to exposed to light containing UV rays in order for the drug to work, and the study claims that the same process could also results in slowing down the appearance of ageing of the skin.

“It would not actually be a fake tan, it would be the real thing”

Application of the drug on ginger mice saw them turn jet black within two days, before fading a week later.

Professor David Fisher oversaw the study, and said that:

“Our real goal is a novel strategy for protecting skin from UV radiation and cancer,” Fisher said.

“Dark pigment is associated with a lower risk of all forms of skin cancer – that would be really huge.”

“It would not actually be a fake tan, it would be the real thing,” Fisher said. “It would just be sunless.”

Human trials of the drug will continue, although scientists stress it is “not a cosmetic.”

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