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17th Dec 2018

Bar Person Reveals 12 Secret Ways To Get Served Quickly In Irish Pubs

Darragh Berry

When the bar is like a jungle and it’s your round, don’t panic.

There’s plenty of ways of getting served quickly, apparently and according to this bar person who has worked in “one of the busiest pubs” in the world, following these 12 tips will help you get served quickly first time around and possible first when you return to the bar again for the next scoops.

1.Don’t annoy the bar staff

Keep them happy and they’ll keep you happy basically.

2. Mind your manners

Please and thank you are the magic words and if you’re overly nice, a bar person is more likely to remember you for next time.

3. Have your wallet or purse in your hand when the staff member has finished serving your round

That means you’re ready to rock. No time wasting, something that a bar person loves.

4. Pay in cash

Cash is king, simples.12

5. While we’re on the subject of money, the smaller the note, the better.

Exact change? Brilliant. Whipping out a €50 for a pint? Annoying.

6. Don’t wave cash in our faces to get attention

I personally once saw a well-known celebrity do this in a nightclub in Galway and they were ignored for about 20 minutes because of it.

7. Think about what you want to drink BEFORE it’s your turn to order

In order words, know your lines by the time you get to the front of the bar.

8. Bring your glass back to the bar

One good turn deserves another. And, it’s nice to be nice.

9. Try not to forget a drink when ordering a major round

Nothing more annoying than adding onto a round after the bill has been totted up.

10. No small talk

It just slows down the whole process and you could end up pissing off the server by saying the wrong thing.

11. Don’t mention how long you’ve been waiting for a drink

The people behind the bar have probably been waiting all night to take a sip out of their water so say natttthing.

12. Tip in drinks

This means that this tip goes straight to them personally and they don’t have to share it out at the end of the night.

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