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20th Dec 2016

“Seriously?!” This Restaurant Hit Back Brilliantly At A Ridiculous TripAdvisor Review

Alana Laverty

Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizzeria in Ancoats, Machester has gained a rip-roaring reputation since opening last year, as well as two nominations in the recent Manchester Food and Drink Awards, and all of us at Lovin Manchester confirm that the food is bloody delicious.

Rudys Pizza

Poor old Rudy’s were left a ridiculous 1-star review by an agitated ‘Peter W’ on Tripadvisor.

Titling his review ‘Turned away with over 90 minutes left cooking’ Peter complained that ‘after struggling to find a parking space…(I was) politely told that were was no guarantees we would be served, due to the ovens being turned off at 9.30…It was packed with people Sat evening, to be honest I travelled from Bollington to Manchester, and I won’t try this place again.”

Are you actually serious???

Co-owner and head chef Jim Morgan (pictured below) however wasn’t happy with what he deemed a massively unfair response and hit back to defend his small, independent business..

Jim Morgan

“Peter, are you actually serious??? You do understand that we are a tiny independent restaurant right…and that you’ve just crucified us for being too busy?”

He continued:

“We can do absolutely nothing about the amount of time people wish to wait for a table here. On Saturday (the busiest night of the week for any restaurant!), it got to over 2.5 hours wait for a table, correct. Most people are happy to wait and are in a queue so there must be a cut off for taking in more customers or we’d potentially be here until the early morning cooking if we didn’t.”

“Just to clarify. We don’t turn our ovens off at 9.30. We close the kitchen…But this doesn’t mean we stop cooking. On Saturday we were still cooking at 10.30…And this was with customers who were in the queue before you. Does this really warrant you labelling our restaurant as terrible??”

“Venting your anger at council parking”

Jim then proceeded to point out that: 

“Even though your only encounter with us was considered polite, you’ve used it to vent your anger at council parking, your geographical location prior to visiting us, and us being too busy to seat you???”

“I’m not sure there is any restaurant in the whole of Manchester that I’d expect to rock up to at nearly 8pm on a Saturday night and get seated straight away if I hadn’t booked, or the restaurant didn’t take bookings.”

Jim concludes, “here’s the scenario you would have liked: ‘Hi Peter, oh, yeah lets just forget about these 200 people who were here in the queue before you…I feel you’re likely to 1 star us so step this way and I’ll seat you straight away.'”

“We’re very sorry for not having space to seat you…But come on…try to support indies by accepting the scenario or even congratulating us on being so busy (like other customers who’ve been turned away have done) rather than trying to damage us using this stress-inducing points based system website.”

Wow. Take a pizza that…

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