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20th Nov 2017

Some People Have Worked Out How To Travel For Free On Bus Eireann Using A Leap Card


Some passengers across the country have worked out that they are able to travel for free on certain Bus Éireann services, The Journal reports.

Travelers using Leap Cards can often get on the bus for free if the newer ticket machine hasn’t been installed, because the old machines don’t recognise Leap Cards.

It’s mostly seen on coaches which have been privately hired to Bus Éireann and in buses older than 2008, and the larger Expressway coaches..

“We’re not going to refuse someone,” a Bus Éireann source told

“Our job is to drive the bus. But enough passengers, especially the students, have worked it out.”

Another source told that: “A passenger with a bit of experience can judge what kind of machine a bus has before getting on – the old machines are rectangular and have a kind of spike in the middle, and the TGX is square-shaped – they’re both very distinctive looking.”

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