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11th Sep 2018

Alleged ‘Leaked Recording’ From Irish Player Outlines Outrageous Roy Keane Bust-Up With Walters And Arter

Darragh Berry

A ‘leaked recording’ which reportedly features the voice of Irish International player, Stephen Ward, allegedly details a row that took place between Roy Keane and Harry Arter and Keane and John Walters.

This follows yesterday’s piece in the Sunday World which said that Keane had a go at the two players back in June when they were advised by the FAI not to train.

Keane reportedly called Arter a “wanker” and a “prick” before referring to an insult that he once used against Mick McCarthy… “I don’t rate you as a player”.

Keane and Walters have a long history of bad blood which goes back to their time at Ipswich and this leaked recording recalls arguments involving the three which could very well lead to a Saipan part 2.

Walters and Arter were sitting on the bench when Keane asked why they weren’t training.

When Keane was told that they were advised to sit it out, he said something under his breath about Walters and Walters retaliated.

“What’s the story, Roy? If you’ve got a problem say it to my face don’t fucking walk off,” to which Roy replied, “you’re always injured, you’re not training, you’re getting soft, it’s no wonder [your club manager] doesn’t play you.”

Apparently the two squared up to each other and had to be pulled apart.

Regarding Arter, he was getting treatment when Keane walked in and allegedly asked him “when are you going to train you prick?… You’re a prick, you’re a cunt, you don’t even care, you don’t want to train.”

“Apparently Roy was just going mad getting worse and worse and Arter hopped off the table and left the room” as Roy continued to shout expletives at him.

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