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19th Sep 2018

Ireland Could Be About To Face Serious “Danger To Life” Conditions If UK’s Weather Warning Is Anything To Go By

Darragh Berry

We have kind of become well equipped with how to handle snow and thunderstorms over the last few years, but this kind of warning still frightens us big time.

Normally anything the UK gets, it gets sent over to us and their dangerous weather warning could become a reality for us on Wednesday or Thursday.

Our neighbours across the foam have been hit with an official “danger to life” weather warning as winds reach up to 160km/h there.

The Met Office has upgraded their warning to “danger to life” and the severe new weather warning will even cover part of Northern Ireland as well as England and Scotland.

Weather experts are saying there is now a high likelihood of a big impact from the storm:

“Flying debris is likely and could lead to injuries or danger to life,” a Met Office official statement has said.

They are expecting damage to buildings, power cuts, and travel disruptions because of Storm Ali.

Half of Ireland is currently on a Status Orange Weather warning but we got in touch with BBC Weather Presenter, Barra Best who commented on Storm Ali’s Red Alert possibility.

The last time Ireland experienced Red Alert conditions was during Storm Emma when the whole country was put on lockdown for almost 24 hours.

As of 10am on Wednesday morning, winds speeds of up to 140km/h were recorded in Mace Head in Galway followed by Newport, Mayo which experienced 124km/h along with Belmullet (107km/h) and Claremorris (106km/h).

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