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14th Dec 2022

Taoiseach assures Dáil that Santa ‘will arrive duly on time’ in rare wholesome clip

Katy Thornton

taoiseach santa

We’re glad truly important business is being discussed within the Dáil.

Ireland has felt unprecedented cold temperatures in the last week, leaving many children and adults alike concerned over the big trip Santa is to make in just 11 days times. As someone coming from the North Pole, you’d hope he’s accustomed to the freezing temperatures, but given that flights have struggled to land in Dublin as of late, you can understand why people are worried about Santa’s sleigh.

Fears that Santa would struggle to do what he does best this year were so pronounced, they had to be discussed at the Dáil. However, when asked to confirm that all the necessary arrangements had been made for Santa and his reindeer to enter Irish airspace, Taoiseach Micheál Martin replied that Santa is more than prepared and will be facilitated.

Not only will Santa make it, he will “arrive duly on time” according to the Taoiseach, who has surely had words with the man in red himself.

So not to worry, Santa isn’t letting a little thing like snow disrupt his very important work. Now if only we could get a direct line to Santa.

Header images via Shutterstock & Twitter/rtenews 

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