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01st Apr 2022

Tayto Park to be rebranded as Guinness Park

Fiona Frawley

image reads "Guinness Park" with a pint of guinness mascot waving in the background

It’s an exciting day for lovers of the aul pint of plain.

The news that one of Ireland’s favourite crisp companies would be ending their partnership with the Park formerly known as Tayto back in February came as a shock to us all – I for one was always under the impression that the Ashbourne landmark was a purpose-built crisp themed park, assembled for the most part by Mr Tayto himself.

Quickly, shock made way for speculation as the Irish public hazarded guesses as to who the new sponsorship partner for the award-winning park could be. Fast forward a couple of months and the new identity of Tayto Park has been confirmed, and we’ve got the scoop.

Guinness Park, set to be officially unveiled this weekend will be a place for Guinness lovers to enjoy an immersive experience inspired by the black stuff.

A look at some of the amusements visitors to Guinness Park can enjoy.

Tayto Park’s popular Cú Chulainn roller-coaster will be re-dubbed as “The Pintman Express”, where the iconic refrain of “I’d take the shirt off any man’s back” will play on loop as riders sit inside carriages shaped in the style of Guinness kegs.

Visitors can also enjoy the “Guinness Fart Chamber” – an escape room experience modelled after a rural pub, where participants will be up against the clock to solve a number of clues and free themselves before a punter who’s been on the pints all day lets one rip. Those successful will be rewarded with a 6 pack of King crisps.

There’ll also be a chance for park-goers to pour their own pint, and have it rated officially by Shit London Guinness.

Following the announcement, Mr Tayto had this to say:

I built every inch of that park with my bare hands – my blood, sweat and starch has gone into it. I won’t leave til I’m physically dragged. Never let anyone take what’s yours. 

Lovin has reached out to the King from the front of the King crisps packet for comment.

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