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03rd Oct 2018

The Top Three Things You Should Never EVER Do In The Airport


So you’ve booked your hollier, you’ve printed out your boarding pass, and after a crawling-along agonisingly slow airport shuttle bus you’ve finally made it to the airport.

Fair play t’ya.

Even the most seasoned of travellers though, can make some simple mistakes when passing through the airport. Blame it on the excitement, but keep in mind there’s a few key things that you should never do in the airport.

Here’s what Skyscanner recommends steering well clear of…

1. Falling asleep

You may have been awake since the wee hours in order to catch that early flight, but bear in mind that you can’t really relax until you’re actually at your destination.

“One minute you’ll be thinking ‘I’ll just catch 40 winks’, the next, you’ve missed your flight and your carry on seems to have run off.”

2. Getting drunk

Yeah yeah, you’re getting in the holiday spirit, we get it. Just take it easy.

“As well as the need to keep a clear head to deal with last-minute gate changes and the possible operation of emergency exit doors, it is inevitable that you’ll be busting for the restroom and won’t be able to go until you’ve reached cruising altitude.”

3. Losing your temper

You might feel like you’re in another world when in the airport, but you’re not, so don’t be a dick.

“Delayed flights, lack of charging stations, overpriced snack foods and long security lines are a nuisance, but keep in mind it’s not staff’s fault, so don’t take it out on them.”

Makes sense, hmm?

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