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01st Jul 2017

The Ultimate Hangover Cure Now Exists In Ireland: A Deep Fried Chicken Curry Wrap


Brace yourselves my fellow booze-reeking, head throbbing, cretins filled with fear from last night’s antics – there’s a new cure for your hangover.

A new cheat food, a new ultimate #noregrets deep-fried delight.

Let me introduce you to the Deep Fried Chicken Curry Wrap.

*Warning: may induce unsightly drooling*

This insanely indulgent fritter was brought to our attention by Twitter user Olli Chau, who may now be known as a hero of the people for revealing this crispy frito secret.

The bad news? It’s only available in Wok This Way in Limerick, but we’re sure takeaways allll over the country will be hopping on this greasy delish bandwagon.

We NEED one of these. Plz.

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