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26th Nov 2017

There Appears To Be a Pretty Major Glitch on H&M’s Website Right Now

Megan Cassidy

This could get very messy. 

Retailers all over the world are currently unwinding after Black Friday, but it looks like someone at H&M has taken the foot off the pedal in a big way. 

We’re not sure if this is some sort of insane sale, or an unfortunate glitch, but at the time of writing (Sun, 10:30pm) everything on the H&M website is going for €32.79. EVERYTHING. 

The prices seem to be listed correctly on the landing site,, but when you go to your shopping cart, everything magically changes to €32.79.


We recommend proceeding with caution however. If this is a glitch, we’re sure they’ll find a way not to pay out, and you could end up with a pretty nasty bill.

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