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20th Dec 2016

These Are The Best Paid Jobs In Ireland

Alana Laverty

Ever wondered what your mates are making? Or what you make in comparison to others?

Yeah, me neither to be honest. But in case you’re a nosy bastard this report was released by the CSO yesterday. 

People working in the information and communications sector are at the top of the food chain by the looks of things, making an average of €1,063.39 per week, followed by the financial, insurance and real estate sector workers taking home a tidy average of€1,014.66 in wages per week. 

Eh, nice one?

Lower down, however, was the accommodation and food services sector with a weekly average wage of €331.81 and then €467.77 for those working in the arts, entertainment, recreation and other service activities sector at €467.77.


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