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20th Dec 2016

This Australian Woman Is Embarking On The Adventure Of A Lifetime Around Ireland

Alana Laverty

Tara Foster, an Australian-American TV producer and travel writer, will be cycling around Ireland from September until December on what she is calling #AroundIrelandOnAPushie.

(Pushie = Aussie slang for bike). 

Tara herself admits that she’s no pro cyclist, but has been training like one since deciding to embark on this epic adventure. Fair play. 

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Why Ireland?

She absolutely loves us Irish. Says we are the best people ever. And she’s not wrong. 

And sure Ireland isn’t the ugliest or most boring of places either. 

Tara’s also accepting challenges along her journey, so if you have a good one for her give her a tweet. Whether it’s to muck out a horse stall, mend a fence or to race across a county together – you name it, she’ll probably do it. 

Follow the journey here:

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