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31st Oct 2017

This Cat In Kilkenny Has Just Landed A Book Deal


Meet Bodacious. He’s a “Cat Shepard”  in Kilkenny, who arrived in farmer Suzanna Crampton’s life 11 years ago and now has a cult following on Twitter and Facebook.

The sassy cat is involved in all the daily aspects of sheep farming life, and what started off as a Twitter account of Bodacious’ activities has now turned into a novel deal with Harper Collins to recount all the cat’s adventures from his point of view.

“My employer is a good one and the benefits are worth staying around for. So I do not plan to move on at this time. But I am an independent cat and should not be taken for granted. I am NOT child friendly and do not suffer fools gladly. I am a busy, hard working, professional, smart cat.”

Bodacious helps out Suzanna in the farm, keeping an eye on the rare Zwartable sheep and helping warm up the newborn lambs each season.

A book all about agricultural life, it’s sure to be an intriguing insight into a slice of Irish country life. Plus, a lot of cat adventures.

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