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14th Dec 2017

This Scenic Irish County Has Been Named As The Best Place To Kayak In The World


It’s a proud moment for one particular Irish county who have managed to scoop the first place on the list of the most amazing places in the world to go kayaking.

Yes, this one’s for you Donegal. 

Umfin Island, just 4km off the coast of Gaoth Domhair, has been named as the top place to kayak on the Red Bull list

The uninhabited island beat Mexico, Hawaii, Iceland and New Zealand to the top spot.

The island is unique in that it has a 300 metre tunnel running through the island, making it the perfect spot for adventurous kayakers to explore.

According to the list, the best conditions to kayak here are in calm water with lots of lights, because there are 40 metres of complete darkness along the tunnel.

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