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06th Apr 2020

‘This made me laugh’ – Varadkar reacts to video poking fun at lockdown restrictions

James Fenton

Leo Varadkar made the headlines over the weekend but it seems he still found time to keep up with the craic on video-sharing app TikTok.

On Sunday evening, it emerged that Varadkar had re-registered as a doctor and will work a session a week to offer his assistance in the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. The news came nine days after the government introduced its most recent social distancing measures, which called on the public not to go any further than 2km from their homes unless it was for essential tasks like food shopping or caring for the elderly.

Naturally, the unusual circumstances have allowed social media’s comedians to come out in force and Leo himself spotted one example over the weekend. The Taoiseach shared a video made by TikTok user Alice Diver which includes a ‘Leo’ character stopping Alice from leaving her home by standing outside her front door and indicating that she should go back indoors.

Varadkar shared the video on Facebook along with the caption ‘This made me laugh. I can confirm that is not me in this video. Leaving the house for exercise is ok, as long as it is within 2km’ and you can watch the clip in full here.

That’s some fine use of Bruno Mars, it has to be said. This week, the government is expected to issue an update on social distancing measures, with the current restrictions set to expire on Easter Sunday.

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