This Repeal The 8th Video Is The Most Powerful Thing You'll Watch Today

"How is it that livestock is more valuable to this land than us?"

The campaign to repeal Ireland's archaic 8th Amendment continues and a striking new video has captured the heart of the campaign.

The two-minute clip was shot by well-known director Dave Tynan and stars a host of famous faces including Aoibhinn McGinnity, Charlene McKenna, Una Mullaly and Tara Flynn.

We Face The Land likens Ireland's treatment of pregnant women to that of witches in past centuries, reinforcing the message that the "laws of the Church have no place on your flesh".

A must watch.

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Marie Madden

Marie is Editor of The Lovin Group.Having entered the 'this place is too loud' phase of her life, she spends her weekends on a quest to find the perfect bottle of red wine and rates coleslaw as one of the great evils in the world.