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20th Dec 2016

This Theme Park Froze 5,000 Real Sea Creatures In An Ice-Skating Rink For Decoration

Alana Laverty

Well, this is just disgusting. 

Space World, a theme park in Japan, froze 5,000 sea creatures into a skating rink for decoration.

Unsurprisingly, they were forced to close the park on Sunday after extreme public backlash. 

According to CNN, thousands of fish, crabs and other shellfish were embedded in the ice as part of a special winter attraction called “Freezing Port”.

Space World have apologised for making anyone “uncomfortable” with the frozen fish. Uncomfortable? That’s putting it lightly. 

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Space World posted images of the frozen creatures on its official Facebook site with captions including “I am d… d… drowning, s … s… suffocating”… 

Nothing like a bitta sadistic banter to attract customers

“We were shocked to hear the reaction as the ice skate rink was very popular since it opened two weeks ago, we had an unprecedented number of visitors,” said Space World’s manager, Toshimi Takeda. 

He defended their poor taste in decorations by adding that the fish were purchased at a local fish market, and were dead before they were frozen. Because that justifies it. 

There was uproar on social media:

Takeda told CNN the park would unfreeze the skate rink to remove the fish, hold an “appropriate religious service” and then reuse them as fertilizer.

Appropriate religious service? Right. 

Image credits: Space World 

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