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11th Dec 2017

This Very Popular Type Of Suitcase Looks Set To Be BANNED Worldwide By Airlines

Darragh Berry

We always thought that the contents of the suitcase was the one thing that would cause a problem in our bags at the airport but it looks as though a certain type of travel bag could end up leaving you without any possessions at all on your next flight. 

‘Smart Suitcases’ have become very popular because of their ability to charge mobile phones but Global Airline body, The International Air Transport Association (IATA), say that unless the battery in the bag can be removed, they are set for the chop worldwide.

According to Reuters, some US airlines (American Airlines, Delta, Alaska Airline) have already issued their own restrictions on the smart bags and IATA has said that it could issue an “industry-wide” ban on the luggage soon. 

The suitcases “contain GPS tracking and can charge devices, weigh themselves or be locked remotely using mobile phones, but they are powered by lithium ion batteries, which the aviation industry regards as a fire risk, especially in the cargo hold.”

The global ban looks set to be recommended for introduction in 2018. 

However, some manufactures of the suitcases have said that the batteries can be easily removed – meaning they could be used for flying – but is it really worth going to THAT much effort?

Something to keep an eye out for if you’re flying any time soon…

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