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22nd Feb 2017

This Unusual Animal Farming Course Is Happening In Carlow Today


Oh it’s far from this animal we were raised, we can tell you that much.

You might not be aware of the latest trend in farming in Ireland, but it’s quickly starting to gain speed. A trait that its livestock is known not to posses.

Yup, the latest trend to hit Irish farms is indeed, snails. 

We’re getting very European altogether with this sort of carry on, with snail farms popping up all over the country in the last year or two.

Ireland’s very first snail farm, Gaelic Escargot, breeds and sells snails for both Irish and international markets, and they also run regular snail farming courses for budding slime-lovers who want to learn more about setting up their own colony of snails.

One of their courses is taking place at their farm in Carlow today, and we have to admit, the snails are actually kind of adorable

The day-long training session includes topics such as Snail Breeding Systems (Gaelic Escargot have perfected a unique way of breeding snails in the Irish climate), The Business of Snail Farming, Markets, which includes what countries are best to sell to, and Grants and Support to learn about what financial supports are available.

Pretty informative alright.

We know snails get a bad rep, but have you ever actually tried some fresh garlic escargot?

They are DELICIOUS. Oh, and they’re also officially a superfood.

Who wouldn’t want to breed that tasty goodness?

(We’re sorry for eating you, cute cuddly snails).

Check out more info about setting up your own snail farm here.

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