WATCH: This Tipperary Shop Is Getting Serious Hate For Its One Strict And "Unfair" Policy

How are they getting away with this?

Tipperary Shop Policy

What's your ideal café? Ones that are animal friendly? One that lets you have multiple free 'refills' of coffee?

What about a café that just doesn't allow children in? That's their only rule.

Well, this café in Tipperary is getting serious hate for their strict 'adults only policy'.

It's the poor waiter and/or waitress that has to refuse the mam, dad, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend who's decided to bring the little one for a hot chocolate in town.

Speaking about the policy to The Irish Examiner, the owner of the Old Barracks Coffee Roasters, Alan Andrews, explained that:

"Foreigners get the whole idea of an adults’ only venue straight away but in Ireland it’s still a new concept.

"Sometimes it can be a bit tricky if people haven’t read the policy beforehand, but we have to stick to what we say or we’d be breaking it for everyone."

He says in the video above:

"We've had some very interesting, and I'm very grateful for the feedback, and accept all the criticism and comments about the no kids/adults only policy."

He went on to add that from the comments he has received, people found it "unfair" because they think that going to a café should mean being able to spend time with friends and family but the policy still remains.

The owner has children himself and does not describe himself as "anti-kids" but rather that "adults need an environment sometimes where they can unwind and have space without distractions.”

What do you make of this? Let us know in the comments.

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