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The Price Of Spuds Is About To Double And There’s Only One Thing To Blame

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When RTÉ finally releases the 2018 episode of Reeling In The Years, there’s one segment that is nailed on to feature. This summer, we all basked in a prolonged heatwave as temperatures soared around the country for weeks on end. Yes, it did happen and you didn’t imagine it.

We bathed, we laughed, we got burnt and we posted gas messages on Twitter but now it seems all the fun has come back to bite us. The Herald reports that the scorching weather back in the summer will likely lead to the price of potatoes being doubled next year as the crop is down 25% on last year.

Brendan O’Gorman, of Johnstown Produce told the publication “In my opinion, that was the driest summer that I’ve ever seen. It is highly unlikely we will see it again but you do get other extremes.” “In 2010, we had -18C so we do deal with extremes in Ireland. I don’t forget because I have crops, but the general public forgets.”

His concerns were echoed Ronan Sullivan of Vernon Catering who said that rooster potatoes will be 100pc up, with “extreme shortages” until the 2019 harvest.

Think about that the next time you’re praying for some hot weather.

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