"Ugly" Dogs Are Being Dumped By Owners Survey Finds

Is your pooch Instagram worthy?


This is horrendous.

Dogs that are deemed "too ugly" for Twitter and Instagram are being dumped in shelters according to a dog adoption blog.

A survey by dogs-blog-dot-com has found that Akitas, Greyhounds and Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the most common breeds being abandoned.

According to findings, people are looking for "cuter breeds" popular among celebs like French Bulldogs.

On Instagram, there are over 17.5 million posts tagged #frenchbulldog and over 13 million posts tagged #goldenretriever

According to Today FM, Amy Ockelford, from the RSPCA in the UK said, "This isn't surprising at all, it's something we've been seeing at the RSPCA for a long time. Unfortunately, there's been a huge surge in popularity for certain breeds of dogs, sort of trendy types of dogs, handbag dogs and also the designer crossbreeds."

Hands-up anyone, who wants to give these people a smack?

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