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PIC: Can You Figure Out Why The Gardaí Gave This Driver A Ticket?

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The good thing about the Gardaí being so active on social media is that drivers can be made fully aware of punishable offences before they get any silly ideas.

Take this example in Naas, for instance. At first glance, it looks like the driver has merely parked slightly outside the lines which, while a major source of frustration for people looking for a parking spot, never really leads to any kind of retrospective action.

The guards have pointed out, however, that the adjacent spot is actually a disabled parking space and even parking on the white lines can make life difficult for those who need to use it.

The offending photo can be seen below…

The driver of the car was issued with a ticket which can serve as a lesson to us all. Next time you’re dashing in to do some shopping, be sure to take some time with your parking first.

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