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23rd Nov 2023

Vape users are on the rise in Ireland according to new survey

Katy Thornton

vape users ireland

The survey asked respondents about a range of health topics.

The number of Irish people using vapes is on the rise, according to a new Health Ireland survey.

The survey, conducted by Ipsos in association with the Department of Health, gathered a sample of 7,411 people aged 15 or older, who were interviewed between October 2022 and April 2023.

The survey asked respondents about a range of health topics including general health, smoking, alcohol awareness and consumption, mental health, antibiotic awareness, drugs and suicide.

On the topic of smoking, the survey results revealed that those using vapes rose from 6% of the population to 8% since 2022, with a further 12% reporting they have tried them in the past but no longer use them.

The survey also revealed that 20% of women aged between 15-24 use e-cigarettes either daily or occasionally, with the rate for men of the same age group at 16%.

Other findings in the report showed that the percentage of current smokers (18%) remained the same to those reported in 2021-2022.

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Dáil passes anti-vapes legislation following usage rise among younger people

Earlier in the month, the Dáil passed legislation banning the sale of vaping products to those under 18, with Health Minister Stephen Donnelly saying he hopes to have the legislation “in law before Christmas”.

According to a statement on the Government’s website, the bill contains “wide-ranging measures to tackle smoking and vaping among children and adults”.

These measures are said to be particularly focused on “preventing young people from beginning to smoke or vape to protect their health”.

Now that the bill has passed all stages of the legislative process in the Dáil, it will now proceed to the Seanad.

Speaking on Thursday, November 9, on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, the Health Minister said that he is “deeply concerned about the increase in vaping that’s going on.”

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