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22nd Nov 2023

There’ll be a live screening of the Toy Show at this Galway cinema on Friday

Fiona Frawley

late late toy show live screening galway

Some things just need to be experienced on the big screen.

The Late Late Toy Show is culturally something people associate with cosy nights in, bundled up in Christmas pjs with a mountain of treats and a pen and paper at the ready to make note of the toys that catch your eye.

As we get older, many of us gather with pals to enjoy the craic, watching closely for any viral moments and swiftly posting our hot takes onto the website formerly known as Twitter.

Those traditions are great and all, but is there anything to be said for enjoying the Irish tv spectacle of the year on a big screen, surrounded by a crowd of viewers just as excited as you are? We think so.

And it’d appear we’re not the only ones; The Eye Cinema in Galway will be hosting a live screening of the Toy Show “by popular demand”, and is encouraging viewers to come sporting their best Christmas jumpers (or pjs indeed).

The cinema are describing the event as “the funnest and most festive watch party of the year”, with the added excitement of this being Patrick Kielty’s first year manning the Toy Show ship.

Tickets will set you back €10 – this includes a medium popcorn, a medium drink and a sweets pouch. Book yourself in now via the Eye Show website.

Header image via Twitter / latelaterte


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