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02nd Nov 2020

WATCH: Donegal fisherman shares terrifying footage out at sea during Storm Aiden

Rory Cashin

Keep this in mind the next time you’re ordering seafood for dinner…

Storm Aiden made an appearance in Ireland over the weekend, and the destructive influence of the storm was most certainly felt around the country.

For the most part, it was just some high winds and heavy rain that kept us all indoors, but counties along the coast on the west of the country definitely took the brunt of Aiden’s strength.

The combinations of strong winds and heavy rains caused many rivers to break their banks, while thousands of homes were left without electricity, with ESB attempting to fix downed power lines on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

So while we definitely were made aware of Aiden’s arrival on land, things were a completely different story out a sea.

Fisherman Shaun McClenaghan (@shaunmc) took to Twitter to share a short video of his time working out at sea while Storm Aiden was rocking the ocean, and… well… if you’ve got a particularly weak stomach, you might want to look away now.

It really does look like a scene from The Perfect Storm, and McClenaghan states they were out fishing in that for 24 hours straight, out at Rockall, which is about 260 miles into the Atlantic Ocean away from Donegal.

So yeah… next time you order a fish and chips… keep this in mind.

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