WATCH: This Irish Students' Video Has Gone Viral For All The Right Reasons

"I look forward to being you in the future"

Two gals from Maynooth University made this mental health video titled 'Dear Future Me' in which they asked students around campus to write down positive things about themselves. 

The video has a really feel-good vibe and it's really interesting to hear what all the different guys and gals want to tell their future selves.

Media students Alice Kiernan and Megan Daly shot and edited the entire and posted it on Wednesday – and it's had an incredible response. 

It was even picked up by Good Morning America, who featured some clips on the show, tying it in with Michael Bublé's new album which is about his future self. 

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The video was made in conjunction with ReachOut’s ‘Note To Self’ campaign – you write a note to your future self and they post it back to you years from now.

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