This Airline Has Launched Child-Free Zones For Travellers That Are Sick Of Screaming Children

Could this be the best idea ever?

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I'm sure we're all quite familiar with being stuck on a plane with a screaming child, it's far from pleasant, but it's just the way it is. Babies deserve to travel just as much as we do. 

It's just something we get on with. 

But this airline has decided that non-childbearing travellers shouldn't have to put up with this, so they've introduced “quiet zones”.

Low-cost airline IndiGo have added these quiet zones to all domestic and international flights where seats are not sold to travellers 12 years and younger in certain aisles and rows. 

Sitting in these zones will cost between $6-20 extra. 

A survey of 1,001 Americans by the travel site Expedia found that 41% of those who were questioned said annoying children and their parents were the worst airplane etiquette violators.

Would you pay extra to sit in a quiet zone away from kids?

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