What A Time To Be Alive - Ikea May Be Setting Up Another Store

Is the new store near you?

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Now the whole of Ireland can have their very own 500 Days Of Summer montage.

If you've bought a house spruced up your flat or been in any way curious over the past few years, chances are you've made your way to Ballymun to sample the delights of Dublin, and Ireland's, only Ikea superstore. 

But for residents of the People's Republic, it may have been that bit too long a drive.

...until now.

Yep, that's right. 

Cork County Council has offered the Swedish furniture giant three possible sites around County Cork to open a brand new store in Munster.

The three locations on offer are believed to be Fitzgerald Army Barracks in Fermoy, and separate sites around Mitchelstown and Charleville.

This would be the first Ikea store outside of Dublin. 

How exciting!

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