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WhatsApp Is Introducing A New Feature Which Will Eliminate The Most Annoying Group Chat Habit

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The Whatsapp group chat has a number of benefits but there are some annoying habits that make us wish it had never been introduced.

From people bombarding everyone with holiday pics to the latest unfunny memes being shared with the gang, it’s something we could do without at the best of times. Chief among the gripes though, is the tendency by some members of the group to embark on their own conversation, yapping away about something that doesn’t concern anyone else. Yeah, alright Greg and Dan, literally nobody else is watching the match except you pair so how about take this convo elsewhere? Well, now they can.

Back in October, the messaging app introduced a ‘reply privately’ function on Android and it now looks like it’s coming to iOS too. The feature will allow users to reply to one person in the group rather than everyone, simply by holding down a message until a ‘reply privately’ option appears. Simple, right?

And with that the most annoying members of the group went on their way and were never heard from again. Until they spot the next hilarious GIF and decide to share it with the whole world. Joy.

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