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19th Dec 2017

Winter Wonderland Cancelled After Families Complain The Event Was A “Shambles”


A Winter Wonderland event that was supposed to be held in Bangor, Co. Down for the rest of this week has been cancelled after ticket holders call it “a complete shambles”.

The Winter Wonderland NI event was held at Clandeboye Estate and was supposed to be festive affair for all the family, with a Santa’s Grotto and ice-skating rink.

One woman who attended the event spoke on BBC Northern Ireland’s Nolan Show, saying that she paid £25 per ticket for her children only for the Winter Wonderland to be atrocious.

“Winter Wonderland should be renamed – ‘Nightmare on Elm Street”

“We were led, when we followed the rest of the crowd, to what we believed was going to be Santa, into a cold room where there was a lady reading a story who got interrupted constantly by other customers coming in because staff had failed to tell them that this was their slot,” Natalie Jackson said.

Other first hand reports say that the decorations in Santa’s Grotto were hanging off the wall and that the ice rink was plastic. 

A disgruntled man told The Daily Mail: ‘Winter Wonderland should be renamed – ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’. I’ve seen some Santa’s in my time but today’s Santa was awful. My kids could see his elastic beard.”

The event has now been cancelled and organisers are offering refunds to any ticket holders.

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