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25th Nov 2017

You Can Now Book A Bed & Breakfast In The Middle Of The Atlantic

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Keen to holiday somewhere a little different?

We’ve got just the thing. 

A Coast Guard Light Station about 30 miles off the coast of North Carolina, also known as The Frying pan Tower is currently being restored by people all around the world, who claim that ”you’ve not really lived until you’ve experienced a weekend on the Frying Pan Tower” – and we can see why. 

The Frying Pan Tower is located out of sight of land in 50 ft. of clear blue Atlantic waters (lat & long  33°29′N 77°35′W).

According to the website: ”With the Gulf Stream close by, we often are pleasantly warm when it’s still cold onshore and mild when it’s too hot to walk on the sand at the beach so don’t let a great weekend go to waste, come be part of history!”

Visitors aboard the Frying Pan Tower will benefit from panoramic sea views, fishing, golfing, billiards and even WiFi, which is (somehow) available on deck. 

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Certainly seems like the more adventurous route…

H/T: The Taste

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