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22nd Apr 2020

10 sustainable Irish businesses to support this Earth Day

Sarah Finnan

sustainable Irish businesses to support on Earth Day

Celebrated all around the world, Earth Day falls on April 22nd each year and there are any number of sustainable Irish businesses to support and help you mark the occasion.

An annual celebration, today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day – a day dedicated to honouring our home and planet. Falling on the 22nd of April each year, the theme for this year’s global event is climate action.

A post on the official Earth Day website reads:

“The enormous challenges – but also the vast opportunities – of acting on climate change have distinguished the issue as the most pressing topic for the 50th anniversary. Climate change represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable.”

Calling on people to rise up to the occasion, one way of doing so is by supporting sustainable local businesses and there are any number of Irish companies to get behind – each with a firm focus on the environment.

Here are a few to keep in mind next time you’re in the market for some #SustainableBits.

All Things Fiona Lily

Life can feel a little ‘glass half empty’ at the moment, but stick on a colourful jumper from All Things Fiona Lily and you’ll feel chipper in no time. Run by Dublin woman Fiona Lily, ATFL is a breath of fresh air. All products are made from end of line material – stock that would otherwise end up in landfill – and finished with positive quotes that aim to brighten your day and your wardrobe.

The Kind

One of our fave sustainable Dublin shops, The Kind is run by Sheelin Conlon and has all your sustainable needs covered – from birthday candles and luxury Irish scented candles to tote bags, yoga mats and ceramic trays.

This positive wellness journal would make for the perfect way to show someone you care… from a safe distance, of course.


Started by Sharon and Suzanne (two proud Dublin mammies), Jiminy sell gorgeous eco-friendly kids’ products making it your one-stop-shop for guilt-free toys, crafts and supplies. A great way to teach kids about the importance of sustainability while getting them something really cool and winning major brownie points in the process.


There’s something very soothing about brushing your teeth, especially when using a biodegradable alternative to the usual plastic household necessity. One of the easiest swaps to make when trying to lead a more eco-conscious life – your teeth (and planet) will thank you for it.

Johnny Magory

An Irish business that aims to get children exploring Irish wildlife, Johnny Magory has just released some eco-friendly wildlife puzzles.

Based on the old Irish rhyme “I’ll tell you a story about Johnny McGory. Will I begin it? That’s all that’s in it!”, the puzzles will prepare kids for future adventures.


Born from a passion for sustainable living, Reuzi is all about encouraging people to swap the “dirty disposables” for more eco-friendly options. The website is also a goldmine of information should you need some tips on topics such as recycling or how to throw a plastic-free party (once social distancing restrictions are lifted).


Run by Cork businesswoman Fiona Parfrey, SunDrift makes quirky backpacks created especially for women. The business has also been donating all profits made over the past few weeks to helping the elderly, so well worth supporting.

Rag Order Dublin

Another business that should be on your radar, Rag Order Dublin will help you on your endeavours to ditch fast fashion for good. How? By making your existing wardrobe look absolutely bangin’. Their insta bio pretty much sums it up: “alterations, maker, tailor, fixer, upcycler of all things clothing related. Anti fast-fashion, pro looking  ? ? ?.”

Grown Clothing

If you must invest in some new threads, Grown is the way to go. An ethical clothing company, their ethos runs on sustainability practices encouraging people to buy only what they need.

The Source Bulk Foods

A recent addition to Rathmines, The Source Bulk Foods is revolutionising the way we shop – helping Dubliners to cut down on their plastic usage. Not only is it extremely aestethically pleasing inside (everything is laid out in reusable containers for you to perurse at your leisure), but it’s also like going to a healthier/much tastier pick n mix station.

Any sustainable Irish businesses we should add to the list? Suggestions always welcome.

(Header images courtesy of and @allthingsfionalily)

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