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23rd Nov 2019

Opt for an eco-friendly option this Christmas and ‘Gift a Tree’

Sarah Finnan

Stuck for Kris Kringle ideas? You could ‘Gift a Tree’.

GROWN Clothing is running a ‘Gift a Tree’ campaign this Christmas to encourage us to give gifts with meaning.

Firm believers that the environment deserves our respect, they’re hoping to work with customers to make it better by restoring biodiversity and ecosystems.

An ethical clothing company, their ethos is fuelled by sustainability practices.

Providing garments made from 100 per cent organic cotton, hemp and recycled fibres, they are also deeply involved in changing ocean awareness and helping people realise their impact on nature.

One easy way to get involved is to purchase one of their ‘Gift a Tree’ cards. Buy one and the company will plant a native Irish tree on your behalf.

A tree that as it grows, will supply enough oxygen for four people per day. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Only planning indigenous Irish trees such as willow, alder, birch and other native species like scots pine, rowan, holly, black and whitethorn and sessile oak – each tree will be planted in Lackamore in Co. Clare.

Get one as a Christmas present and you’ll be showing someone you care while simultaneously helping to fight the climate crisis and provide clean air. Sounds like a win-win.

And at only €12, it won’t break the bank either.

The handmade cards come complete with a written reference as to where and when your tree will be planted, so you can keep up to date with the process.

Going one step further, GROWN has also pledged to remove all stock from their website on Black Friday. Taking the usual stock off the market, they’ll only sell trees for the day.

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