Sustainability Spotlight: Glenisk's carbon neutral packaged milk

By Emily Mullen

August 31, 2022 at 4:59pm


In a new series, we aim to highlight some of the great work being done by Irish companies to reduce their impact on the environment and make shopping consciously easier for consumers.

After a devastating fire ripped through their yoghurt plant in Killeigh, co. Offaly on September 27th 2021, Glenisk resumed production in a matter of months. Before tackling that hurdle the family-run company had set their minds to creating a string of carbon-neutral packaging, for cream, yoghurt and milk. Back in 2020, the company removed the plastic from their milk cartons saving the production of over 80 tonnes of plastic annually.

The Product: While dairy milk's sustainability credentials are most definitely up for debate, Glenisk produce 100% organic milk from Irish grass-fed cows. After drinking a tall glass or two of non-organic and organic milk, in my opinion, organic milk tastes creamier.

The Packaging: The packaging is certified carbon neutral and made from 100% renewable materials, which come in a pleasing light brown colour. Unlike other milk cartons, this has no funny plastic cap, it's like an old-fashioned carton with a cardboard spout.

Plus-points: While milk in cartons are readily available throughout the country, it's great to see a 100% carbon neutral option on the shelves. Glenisk also helps fund the Self Help Africa organisation, which aims to combat climate change by planting trees in Ireland and in Africa (annually 100,000 new native trees in Ireland, and 1,000,000 trees in Africa to be specific).

Drawbacks: I would say that opening the carton can take a little bit of getting used to, but once cracked it's extremely straightforward (and helpfully there are instructions on every carton). You push the flaps back, squeeze the edges and pull, I use a sharp knife to separate the edges sometimes and I also trim a tiny portion of the lip of the spout if it's dribbling a bit.


Disposing of the packaging: Just rinse, dry and squash the carton before placing it into the recycling bin.

Stocklists: Luckily, Glenisk is stocked in most food retailers.

Pricepoint: Depending on the retailer, a carton of Glenisk organic whole milk is around €1.65

Likelihood of buying again: With a decent price point, and a great product sold by a family-run Irish company, it's an easy decision to continue to buy.

For more information on the work that Glenisk does, visit their website


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