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18th Feb 2018

6 Apps To Download For Those Who Love To Travel


Rainy days like these give us serious wanderlust. 

We bet you didn’t know how useful your phone could be when it comes to fleeing the country. There’s so much you can have signed, sealed AND delivered before you even set foot on the plane. 

(Hint: These are especially helpful if you’re a messy, clumsy or unreliable, like us…)

1. Airbnb

Airbnb is your number one partner in travel.

What is it? The app is basically a way for people to rent out their houses short term for people looking to stay in the area. 

Why is it so good? It provides rates cheaper than hotels, and often in the dreamiest areas.

How much? Nothing at all. 

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2. Tripit

Tripit offers a unique service by automatically turning travel email confirmations into a complete and neat itinerary.

What is it? A revolutionary travel organisation app.

Why is it so good? Tripit is pretty remarkable in that it finds all the important details of your travels and extracts them for you while you’re in a rush trying to pack. The app organises the details into separate trips, and each trip lists your details in consecutive order.

How much? €0.00.

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3. Instapaper

Have you ever been stuck for things to do while on a plane, because everything you usually do involves internet? Instapaper’s your guy.

What is it? Instapaper allows you to save information that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to read on a plane (i.e. stuff that needs internet), and then you can access them later.

Why is it so good? Instapaper allows you to highlight texts, uses a variety of fonts in reader view, lets you follow other users and see their recommended articles, organises articles into folders, and syncs with Kindles.

How much? Save your money for trips – this one is free.

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4. Accuweather

Not sure what to pack? Just check Accuweather, it’ll keep you up to date – up to five days in advance.

What is it? Accuweather is a brilliant weather app, showing you the probability of rain, sun and snow up to five days in advance.

Why is it so good? It can be used all over the world, and it has a ‘Real Feel’ tab, taking in to considering all of nature’s elements, and showing you how cold or warm it really feels outside.

How much? Nada.

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5. XE Currency

XE Currency should be your go-to currency app, 

What is it? This app is a slick, easy to use, up-to-date, currency converter. Simples.

Why is it so good? It uses live currency rates which are always 100% completely accurate and has been downloaded more than five million times to date, so you know it’s legit.

How much? Nuffink.

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6. Skyscanner

The possibilities are literally endless with Skyscanner.

What is it? When you’re booking a flight, Skyscanner scours the internet for you, looking for the cheapest way you can get to you preferred destination.

Why is it so good? The app allows you to search literally millions of websites for free, cutting your browsing time in half (if not more) and allowing you to save some precious spending money.

How much? Nuffink.

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