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17th Nov 2017

11 Amazing Places You Need To Have Sex Before You Die

Dylan Varian

Who doesn’t love a bit of sex, eh? And sometimes we like to be a bit adventurous when having sex and by that I don’t mean going bare back or slipping it into the wrong hole. “Every hole is a goal” is not what we mean by this post. 

This post is all about cool or romantic places where you and that special someone can head to have a bit of fun and it’ll make your sex life all that little bit better.

1. Behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland.


All the information you need to get there is right here.

2. In the tulip gardens of Amsterdam


Just be careful a flower doesn’t get stuck anywhere or maybe be careful if there are any roses – thorns could lead to a very bad time.

3. Under the water in a hotel suite.


You can book this room in Dubai at Atlantis, The Palm. And don’t worry, you won’t need to worry about the smell of fish (unless, well…you know).

4. In a bed under the stars of Mozambique.


Book it here.

5. Inside a glass igloo in Finland.


Northern lights. Sex. What more could you really ask for?

You can book this right here.

6. In a tree house in Bangkok.


For the showoffs amongst you, because this is a bit out in the open. And yes, it’s taking a lot for us to not write a Bangkok pun right now.

Book here.

7. Under the worlds tallest trees in California’s redwood forests.


This is mainly for your partner, because when they get sick of looking at you they can look up at the amazing sights that tower above them.

8. In Ukraine’s Tunnel Of Love.


Visit the city of Klevan, and it’s just a few miles from there. The overgrown greenery over the train tracks makes this place look like something out of a Disney film and it’s absoluetly beautiful.

9. On Top Of A Volcano.

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Let’s hope you’re the only thing erupting that day. More info here.

10. The London Eye


This one can be a bit dodgy, because there are people either side of you in more of the pods. So if you’re into a bit of danger, head to the London Eye.

11. The Harry Potter Hotel


For all the harry potter fans amongst you this is the ultimate place for a bit of sex. There is a bit of a wait for this place however since it’s so popular so get booking now if you want to have some fun with your wand…

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